Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/13 Still no resolution!

9/5 - Kathy, VZW "social media supervisor" says that she sees notes on my account and that "I can see actual credit refund notes on your account " and the best thing is to keep in touch with the local store.

9/8 - called and texted manager Joey. He advises he is not working since its Sunday. (Is this a small mom n pop or is this a major corporate telecom company?

- I call and text Joey again, no reply.

- I call the Vine location, speak to Jorge (manager) after being put on hold for 20+ minutes. He says there is no change on the account. I ask for the district manager's contact info. He gives me the name of a "Richard".

- I left Richard "district manager" a voice message  to call me back.

- I left Kathy  "social media supervisor" a voice message to call me back.

- Joey wrote me stating he left Kathy from social media a message. Joey calls me and says there is still no resolution at the store level and my phone is still locked and cant process a return.

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