Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/11/2013 something started but definately still no resolution

The goal here was to get on Verizon Edge Max plan. In the alternative, return my device and keep unlimited data.

If you read the initial post, you know that there was a major problem in Verizons system and neither choice was able to be accomplished.

On 9/10/13 (afternoon) Jordan (district manager) told me that he will authorize an override to the system and that I can go in the the Vine location and all will be resolved. I was not able to make it to the store that afternoon but I went the next day.

9/11/2013 Update:

After being advised by Jordan I was optimistic that when I go in to the Verizon store, there would be a "fix" and I can finally move on.

I got to the store shortly before 12 noon. An employee as well as Joey the manager were working on my account and speaking to Jordan on the phone as well. However, instead of figuring this problem out before I got there, they were troubleshooting while I was at the store, so I waited a little more than 70 minutes during my lunch break, and the problem could not be resolved while I was there. I advised the VZW employee and Jordan (via SMS) that I needed to leave and to please advise when the problem is fixed.

1:29 PM - Joey calls my cell, says they are working on phone, and that I will lose cell service for not more than 5 or 10 minutes. I told him to go ahead but it couldn't be for longer than that time. He said it wouldn't. My cell service is cut off shortly after the phone call.

2:08 PM - I am still without cell service nearly 40 minutes later. I text Joey from a GV account asking about service. He does not reply.

2:19 PM - My cell service returns and I get a call from Joey on my device. 

Joey advises that he was able to process the refund and convert me to an Edge plan. 
He said that he still had to work on the amount to be refunded and to get me on to the Max plan. 
Meaning, he was able to work a refund on the device but still was not able to get me onto Max. I was still on a 6GB/$80 plan.

Joey is extremely rude and disrespectful and blames me for wasting his time. He has obviously spent considerable time working on this problem and I told him on several occasions that I appreciated it. However, he seems to be blaming me for following up with him. 

Joey: Ok, you gotta follow me here dude, right now as it is I am stressed out trying to get your phone fixed for you and then your texting me and calling me every day, Im trying to work with you here. It doesn't help when I see you going into the account and have other people look at it as well.

Me: If I don't do anything, nothing gets done. Dont give me a hard time if I get other people involved. Joey. You said there was no resolution on your part, so don't tell me I shouldn't call anyone else. If you couldn't get it done, I needed to find someone else that could.

I don't hear from him as to a final resolution and I text him later that afternoon. 

He wants me to come in and get my refund - which is great. However, I want to ensure its the correct amount. 

On "My Verizon" documents show that I am due back the sum of money that is less than what is owed to me. I asked Joey what the amount of the refund was (via text). No reply. I don't want to get to the store and wait another hour for them to figure out the correct amount.

He wants me to sign a new Edge agreement even before I am on the correct plan. I am not gonna come in ten times, for the correct refund amount and to sign at different intervals of this process. I am surely not going to sign a new contract until I get onto the correct plan.


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