Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Open letter to Verizon Wireless - enough is enough

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Open Letter To Verizon Wireless:

I am writing this letter as a last ditch effort in hope of finding an amicable solution.

On 8/20/2013 Verizon launched the Droid Ultra / Droid Maxx. I was eligible for an upgrade. I wanted to keep my unlimited data.

On 8/25/13 Verizon was to roll out their new Edge program.
I called VZW Corporate (800-922-0204) and speak to Alyssa, badge #69813 . She confirmed that I can get the phone at full retail price and pay with installments. She says that part of the program is available now.

Listen for yourself. See 3:00 mark.

I went to the Verizon store (Vine & Sunset) on 8/20/13 shortly after they open. Employee "Michael" says that until Edge becomes available, I cannot purchase the device at full retail and pay using installments.
He says unless you want to pay $700 plus tax for this phone to keep unlimited data, my ONLY option was to upgrade with a new 2 year contract.
I told him that VZW Corporate confirmed over the phone the policy that VZW can put me on that plan,(I played him the recording), but he said she was wrong. An unknown VZW manager confirmed that they cannot put me on the installment plan.

Since my older phone was not in usable condition and since I've been waiting for this phone to be released for quite some time and thinking that I have no other options, I upgrade. I know that I have a 14 day return period if and when I find out that the information provided was not accurate.

Within the next couple days I hear about the new plan offered to unlimited data customers as reported here and here:

This would allow me to have 8GB of data at a reduced price. I was willing to forgo my unlimited data for this plan.

I returned to the store on 8/28/13 and Joey - manager at VZW helps me. He first said that there was nothing he could do and he could only process a return. After looking at VZW internal program documents, he saw that he could change my plan into the Edge Max plan as stated above. However, my initial purchase was not showing up in the system. At this point I was no longer able to return my phone. Joey said he has to submit a ticket and within 24 hours the ticket would be processed and the situation should be resolved. He said that the system showed that the device was returned, at the same time there was no record of a return. Obviously I had not made any return – my phone was in my hand.

On a follow up visit on Friday 8/30/13, Dominique and Manager Jorge told me that it looks like when I returned a case I bought along with the phone and later exchanged it for a holster/case - at another retail location - this messed up the order and it put my phone purchase in limbo and attached the phone status with the returned case. 

Since then, I have contacted the manager Joey on several occasions. I have tweeted and been in touch with "Kathy" social media supervisor, but to no avail.

Manager Jorge and Dominique at the corporate store assured me that my return period for the phone will be extended. Kathy did the same. Joey promised the same. Kathy promised to send me something in writing confirming this but it was never received.

I do not want to be tweeting, texting, or sitting around day after day to wait on a resolution due to a glitch in Verizon’s system. At this point, I just want to return my device and switch carriers if my plan cannot be converted immediately. 

It is not normal that I need to be going through all of this.

(See below sms string between myself and Joey, VZW manager).

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