Friday, September 13, 2013

9/13/2013 - most likely we have a resolution.

Jordan advised that my plan was switched to the Edge/Max plan. 8GB/$50 and that my refund for the initial payment of the phone was ready for pickup.

The store gave me a refund. The amount is just about the amount I paid. (They were only a few dollars short since when I bought the device I paid tax on $699 price and when I paid the device tax to initiate Edge in the store, the tax was based on a $649 price). Im not gonna make a fuss about it.

I am happy to get onto the plan I needed and put this behind me.

The only reason I titled this article "most likely" is because I don't see anywhere in my account online that I was switched to 8GB and what the pricing was. As a matter of fact as of the time of this post, I just received an email from VZW stating there was an account change. I was hoping to see 8GB/$50. But it actually showed 6GB/$80. The wrong plan. I am hoping that its just an older update that was sent today. Once I see the correct pricing I will finalize.

I want to thank the following individuals for helping me:
Kathy H., Social Media
Jordan M.,District Manager
Jorge, Store Manager
Unknown name of female employee that was very nice.
Joey, Store Manager. Even though he was actually pretty rude, and he could hardly look at me in the eye yesterday (Thursday), he did spend considerable time on this, and I appreciate that.

I think Verizon needs to look at its structure on how to troubleshoot and address problems. And what their chain of command is. I think VZW store management should have escalated this matter to a higher manager to resolve this after it was clearly not being handled by the support ticket initiated.

Finally, after all this trouble, although I am not "demanding" it, I really think it would be appropriate for Verizon to offer some sort of credit or gift card as an apology.

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